Q?How does the program work?

We visit your home and custom design the perfect plan for your family. To insure the plan is working perfectly for you we come back about two months later to review what you like and don’t like. We make any needed adjustments at no cost to you. This is how we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Many of our Clients take advantage of our commercial grade freezers that we supply as part of our service. If you stick with our service for 36 months, the freezer will pay for itself with discounts on the food you order.

Q?How much does the program cost?

We provide the healthiest, cleanest and safest all natural foods on the market for no more money than the average family spends in the supermarket. When we visit with you in your home we do a complete budget plan based upon making sure we do not cost you one single penny more than you are currently spending. The value in our service is that we provide better products, unique items, consistent pricing and free delivery.

Q?How do I know if the services you offer are right for my family?

We have expert culinary consultants who will meet with you to discuss your current eating and spending habits and offer a customized menu to fit your needs. By reviewing this information, you can make a comparative decision about your grocery shopping without obligation.

Q?How are your products wrapped?

Our products are vacuum-sealed in a state-of-the-art Multi-Vac packaging machine. All products are then individually flash-frozen, enhancing their flavor and freshness. The Multi-Vac wrap is the latest generation of breathable plastic wraps.

When frozen, all of our products are vacuum-sealed and fully protected from freezer burn, discoloration, and dehydration. When you thaw our products, however, the vacuum seal is broken and the plastic will become loose around the product. Therefore, when defrosting, it is important to place something under your products as the juices may escape between the two layers of plastic. This is normal due to the breathable nature of the wrap and does not indicate defective packaging.

Q?Where do you deliver?

National Home Grocer is headquartered in Bohemia, NY and services the local New York area.

Please feel free to call 1-631-820-0003 or Contact Us via email to inquire about home delivery to your area.

Q?How is your meat better than what I am currently purchasing at the supermarket?

The quality of our meats is not available at the local level. Our meats are of the same quality of those found in finer restaurants. They are aged for tenderness and perfect flavor. All of our meats are well trimmed and made table-ready. To lock in flavor and freshness they are then individually vacuum sealed for delivery to our customers. Explore our menu now to learn more.

Q?How do I know that I am going to like the products and service?

The Unconditional Guarantee is just that. If any of our products do not meet your complete satisfaction, simply let us know and we will cheerfully replace that item with any other product of equal or greater value. This is one of the best parts of our service because you can try new and exciting foods without ever having to worry about wasting your money. If your not happy with it, just let us know!

Q?What is the Automatic Payment Program (APP)?

Once you enroll, we will automatically deduct your payment from your checking or savings account each month. We will send notification to your bank to electronically transfer to National Home Grocer the exact amount of your payment on your due date, or an alternative date you select, from your checking or savings account. You will receive information about the transaction each month on your regular bank statement.

Convenience, security, and savings! You will no longer have to write a check, stamp an envelope and send your payment each month. You will have peace of mind knowing that your monthly payment was made automatically and on time through the banking system. No more late fees for that payment you simply forgot to mail!

APP is free and easy!

There is absolutely no charge for our APP service! We offer it to our customers because it ensures prompt and accurate payments. It is simply more convenient for everyone.

How can you begin this convenient service?

It`s very simple. Just ask your culinary consultant to sign you up or call customer service at 1-631-820-0003.

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